Answered By: Amanda McLellan
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2014     Views: 9

Is your video choppy, or skipping audio?

These conditions are usually a result of low playback framerate caused by poor system performance. Try turning off smoothing and upscaling from the “Get Help” menu when watching a streaming video. If you’re still experiencing poor performance, you can also try switching to low quality (if available) or using Internet Explorer (on Windows).

Is your video pausing frequently (buffering)?

Frequent buffering in the form of pausing video is caused by inadequate bandwidth. Most of our streaming videos require download bandwidth of at least 1Mbps to watch with minimal buffering. If you have less bandwidth, try increasing the buffer length a few times, switching to low quality (if available), or switching to HTTP streaming; all can be accessed from the “Get Help” menu when watching a streaming video. HTTP streaming will allow you to buffer the video for as long as is needed for continuous viewing, but also prevents you from seeking into unbuffered portions of the video.